New website designed to turn private thought into public policy in Pennsylvania

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A screen shot of the state’s new innovation website. Team PA will be working with the state to implement ideas that will make government more efficient.

Got ideas on how to improve state government?

If so, the state has launched a new website at to gather input on ways to improve government efficiency.

Team Pennsylvania Foundation will be partnering with the Corbett administration to help implement suggestions received on the website.

“This program is a perfect fit with the portion of our mission that seeks to improve efficiency at all levels of government,” said Matt Zieger, President & CEO, Team PA. “We applaud the administration for implementing programs that increase government efficiency, improve customer service and save taxpayers’ money. We look forward to utilizing the power of private sector thought to enhance public sector policy.”

Joe Deklinski, Director, Governor’s Innovation Office, said the website was created as a way to foster ideas that bring about substantive changes to the way government conducts its business.

“Governor Corbett is all about trying to change the way we do business as we create a more cost-effective and innovative state government,” Deklinski said. “One way he felt we could accomplish that goal is by gathering ideas from the general public.”

Deklinski said the website was launched in mid-July at an event that celebrated the new web portal as well as the 300 innovative team members from state agencies who are charged with turning the ideas that are received into reality.

“The governor brought the innovation team members together to explain this initiative as well as to challenge and let them know we are in the market to receive ideas that bring about change,” Deklinski said. “The best ideas come from those state employees who know there are ways to do their jobs more efficiently and from the very customers who use our services on a daily basis.”

Deklinski said each of the 39 state agencies were charged by the governor to put together a portfolio of innovation initiatives they believe will make their departments more efficient.

“The total suite of activities received encompasses 132 innovation initiatives at an estimated direct cost savings of $115 million,” Deklinski said. “It is a pretty significant number, and is really only the tip of the iceberg. As people get in the swing of this effort and it matures, I believe we’ll see more ideas emerge, which will lead to additional savings.”

Deklinski said the administration plans to use its public-private partnership with Team PA to execute implementation of ideas that are generated via the website.

“The fact that the private sector is willing to lend a hand is priceless,” Deklinski said. “There is a ton of expertise out there and we see Team PA as a one-stop shop to learn who has done what in the private sector. Team PA knows this and we will turn to Team PA for help. I don’t know of any other states that do this. It is a really unique opportunity for Team PA to help lower the cost of state government while improving the services we deliver to the public.”

Visit to learn more about this program.

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