PPLPPL Electric Utilities customers were instrumental in helping Pennsylvania recently reach a milestone of recycling 200,000 outdated refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners.

The overall mark was achieved by customer participation in appliance recycling programs throughout the state. Since starting its E-power® appliance recycling program in late 2009, PPL Electric Utilities has recycled more than 63,000 appliances.

“It’s fitting the milestone was reached in October, which is Energy Awareness Month,” said Maureen Fenerty, a customer programs specialist with the utility. “There are now 200,000 reasons why our state is more energy-efficient today. But, there is plenty of work left for us, along with opportunities for even more of our customers to save.”

Appliance recycling contributes to significant household energy cost reductions and ensures outdated, energy-guzzling units are recycled and don’t end up in landfills.

PPL Electric Utilities’ appliance recycling program offers customers a $35 incentive, as well as complimentary removal and recycling of old refrigerators and freezers.

While crews are picking up a refrigerator or freezer, they can also pick up a room air conditioner, for which customers will receive $25. Older appliances require as much as three times more electricity to operate than models built to meet current efficiency standards. Customers can look forward to saving up to $150 a year on energy bills once an old appliance is removed.

Recycling a single outdated refrigerator has the environmental impact of removing two cars from the road for a year, and repurposes more than 188 pounds of materials, such as foam, glass and metal, for future use.

Scheduling a pickup is easy. PPL Electric Utilities customers can call 877-270-3522, or visitwww.pplelectric.com/recycle. Appliances must be in working order when the crew arrives to pick them up for recycling.

Units picked up through the program are transported to an appliance recycling facility operated by JACO Environmental. The recycling process reclaims 95 percent of the materials in the appliances for reuse in manufacturing new products. Even the foam insulation is safely incinerated to generate electricity.

PPL Electric Utilities, a subsidiary of PPL Corporation, provides electricity delivery services to about 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania. It consistently ranks among the best companies for customer service in the United States. More information is available atwww.pplelectric.com.