State, local and company officials announce that Charles & Alice is locating its U.S. headquarters in Lancaster County.

LANCASTER – Today a fifth jobs project was announced resulting from the trade mission to Germany and France, which was financially supported by Team Pennsylvania Foundation.

Lt. Governor Jim Cawley said Charles & Alice Group, a food processing company, has established its U.S. operations in East Hempfield Township, creating 50 new full-time jobs in Lancaster County. The company is expected to launch its operations this fall.

Charles & Alice has entered into a lease for a 55,000-square-foot site in East Hempfield Township to serve as its first processing site in the United States. The company plans to invest more than $10.6 million in leasehold improvements, new machinery and equipment. The company has also committed to creating at least 50 new jobs within the next three years. Charles & Alice will work with Lancaster-based distributor, Hess Brother’s Fruit Company as their apple supplier for their products.

“We’re excited to announce that we will open our U.S. facility in September this year in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Governor and his team have been really helpful in identifying the best location for us,” said Thierry Goubault, CEO of the Charles & Alice Group. “We’ve been impressed by their energy and involvement in making this project happen. To produce the healthiest Fruit Pouches for kids, we need a talented workforce, high quality apples, a supportive community and a business-friendly state government, and we can find all of this here, in Pennsylvania.”

The company received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development including a $22,500 Guaranteed Free Training grant to be used to train its new workforce. Additional funding includes a $150,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant that facilitates investment and job creation and $150,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits.

The company has also been encouraged to apply for the funding offer as well as a low-interest loan including $1.25 million from the Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund (MELF). Charles & Alice has accepted the funding proposal, but must still apply for each loan and grant and agree to the terms prior to award receipt.

Fruit Friends, a wholesome snack food for children, will be produced in Lancaster County starting later this year.

The project was coordinated by DCED’s Office of International Business Development (OIBD) in collaboration with the Governor’s Action Team, Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation, PA Department of Agriculture and Team PA.

Charles & Alice is a food company headquartered in France and is one of the leading manufacturers of apple sauce in Europe. The company specializes in ready-to-eat, healthy food products such as squeezable apple sauce pouches. In 2000, Charles & Alice launched in France the first range of apple sauces with no added sugar, developing an unequaled expertise in bringing healthy and tasty food to consumers. The company has been exporting to the U.S. market since 2008.