Last month, Team Pennsylvania, in partnership with the PA Department of Community & Economic Development and Royal Dutch Shell, released the Pennsylvania Energy Horizons report.

Over the past two years, stakeholders have been convened in the energy arena, including several sessions facilitated by Shell’s Scenario Planning Team, to answer the question: “How might Pennsylvania’s energy system change in the next 25 years, and what does it mean for Pennsylvanians?”

Using information and feedback from the sessions, multiple scenarios have been developed for how Pennsylvania’s energy outlook could unfold. It is important to note that the scenarios are not creating policy or developing a plan. In an article by the PA Chamber of Business and Industry’s Catalyst, Team Pennsylvania President & CEO Ryan Unger explains, “The Rivers and Roots scenarios do not advocate for specific outcomes; they do not suggest priorities; and they do not embrace one set of values or principles over another. They simply provide a methodology for examining options within a complex system of drives and uncertainties…” The goal of this initiative is a common set of assumptions and facts to help guide exercises and dialogue as our energy systems rapidly evolve.

Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that examines the report, or for more information about the process and the report, go to: