McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC has been an investor in Team PA since our inception in 1997. According to David Kleppinger, Chairman at McNees and a long-time board member at Team PA, the firm’s founders emphasized the importance of community service and philanthropic giving since the company’s founding in 1935. When asked about Team PA and why McNees has continued to invest over the years, Kleppinger explained:

“There are precious few public-private partnerships that come close to accomplishing what Team PA set out to accomplish and has accomplished since the 1990s. Workforce development and a healthy economy are critical to business. Our partnership as an investor is a two-way street: we support people who do the right thing in the workplace to help the economy. If the economy continues to grow, people will need legal services to expand their businesses.”

Kleppinger also mentioned that McNees employees do a tremendous amount of community outreach and are encouraged to donate their time and expertise by serving on boards of charitable and civic organizations and engaging in pro bono legal work.

McNeesWebsite380McNees recently launched a new website that places a significant emphasis on community engagement. It also boasts impressive levels of interactivity that are essential in today’s market. Kleppinger explained that the website hadn’t been redesigned in years but the need of marketing the legal industry has changed substantially; “For a firm like ours, which competes in many markets throughout the country, a website is a pivotal marketing vehicle.”

The new website’s interactivity allows visitors to navigate the bios, experience, education and publications of the 265 employees that work at McNees’ six office locations in Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Ohio. This feature, according to Kleppinger, allows McNees’ employees to showcase who they are and what they can do. Visit the new McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC website at