Pennoni Associates, Inc. (Pennoni) has invested in Team PA since 2006. According to Pennoni, “Team Pennsylvania embodies our values of honesty, integrity and service.” Pennoni was founded on March 1, 1966 as a one-person practice. Today, the engineering firm has grown to include more than 1,200 employees in 33 offices stretching from New York down to Florida and as far west as Chicago. In 1994, in an effort to transition ownership and share the firm’s successes, Pennoni established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Under this model, employees of Pennoni own nearly all of the stock in the company. Their ESOP is an integral factor in Pennoni earning coveted recognition as a “Best Place to Work.”

Pennoni’s roots are in Pennsylvania; the firm was started in Philadelphia and remains headquartered there. According to Pennoni, “the Commonwealth’s physical landscape provides opportunities for our growth.” The firm has been involved in the Commonwealth’s energy boom through projects distributing oil and gas, as well as projects that harness solar power. Pennoni sees promise in Pennsylvania and an ample amount of opportunities to improve the Commonwealth’s infrastructure as they offer unique technologies that can help provide solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvania residents. From roadways to landmark buildings and structures, Pennoni continues to support the economic growth and development of the Commonwealth through its commitment to improving quality of life.

In order to better serve the communities Pennoni works and lives in, the firm has developed a robust community outreach program. For 50 years, Pennoni has made giving time, talent and resources to charitable and community-based organizations a fundamental part of its culture. Pennoni annually supports initiatives that promote a better quality of life for residents and visitors of Pennsylvania. When specifically asked about why they invest in Team PA, Pennoni explained that “Team PA provides opportunities to network, share ideas and discuss issues that affect the entire state.” As a business with 1/3 of their offices located in Pennsylvania, it is important to Pennoni that partnerships between the public sector and businesses continue to be explored and cultivated.

Pennoni’s President & CEO, Anthony Bartolomeo, PE, joined Team PA’s Board of Directors in June 2012. He is currently serving as our Secretary and a member of the Executive Committee. Bartolomeo has been involved in supporting efforts to bring business to the Commonwealth and supporting growth and improvement in education, which he believes “is paramount to the future success of the state and its residents.”

Team PA values Pennoni as an investor and active board member; we look forward to continuing to collaborate with them to work towards the betterment of the Commonwealth.