This year was always destined to be a year of big transitions at Quandel Construction Group and Quandel Enterprises. While Noble “Bud” Quandel, the company’s CEO serving since 1977, will continue in his role as Executive Chairman, Greg Quandel is taking up the reins as CEO of Quandel Enterprises, the parent company of Quandel Construction Group. The company, which employs in excess of 200 primary staff, and at any given time can manage well over a thousand employees through its subcontractors, has a long history in Pennsylvania. Quandel was founded in 1882 by Emil Quandel as a limekiln and building material supplier. With continued growth and expansion, it’s now well into its fifth generation of family leadership. Greg’s approach to the transition to CEO? “Plan. Plan. Plan.” Greg described his transition plan as a method of connecting early and often with his leadership, safety, operation, and job-site teams. These check-ins were designed to keep the team cohesive, mitigate any culture disruption, and proactively address any unexpected issues showing up in the CEO transition.

Quandel’s construction on a 1,541,000 square foot warehouse project in Breinigsville, PA, nears completion.
In March of this year, when COVID-19 forced the closure of many job sites and much of his staff shifted to remote work, Greg needed to find a way to keep his team dynamics intact. He knew that the shift to working from home could mean a lost sense of culture – an absence of the “water-cooler” discussions that socially connected his staff. So he implemented a version of his CEO transition plan, finding new ways to connect with his employees, and seeking to maintain open communication. You could say it’s working well – so well in fact that Bud Quandel announced Greg’s promotion this month, more than two months ahead of schedule.

While he noted that the company saw some projects fade this spring, particularly in the earliest weeks of the shutdown, once construction on hospitals and other projects began the more difficult challenge was to find field workers for the various sites. This was overcome by constantly educating his staff, project owners, subcontractors, and virtually every project stakeholder! Safety of everyone, was always top of mind, second to none. Quandel continued to work diligently with trade associations to develop a “return to work” policy to keep everyone safe, in addition to an emergency action plan if COVID was identified on their project sites.

The 98 bed UPMC Memorial Hospital in York opened in August 2019.
Quandel is continually staying ahead of the COVID curve by executing specific strategies identifying opportunities driven by this pandemic. Greg maintains his focus toward building upon Quandel Construction Group’s existing success for ongoing market expansion and overcoming challenges presented by the COVID Crisis.

Greg Quandel and the Quandel Companies remain committed to the success of Team PA’s mission today, following participation initiated by Quandel Principal, H.G. “Bub” Manning’s membership as a board director for many years.

Thank you Quandel Construction for your many years of support. Team Pennsylvania looks forward to seeing you expand on an already impressive legacy.