Square One Markets, Inc. opened their first store in Pennsylvania in 1971 and has since then grown as a convenience, food, and gasoline retail chain with soon to be 12 locations across five counties in the commonwealth. Square One’s focus is on promoting customers and employees to start and come back to “Square One,” for all their refueling needs.

Lisa Dell’Alba became the President & CEO of Square One Markets, Inc. in 2004, but has been involved in her family business for years prior in roles varying from managing the company’s flagship store, to human resources, and becoming the Vice President of Operation, alongside her father, Gary Dell’Alba. Since becoming President & CEO, Lisa has developed and offered new programs and products for her customers, including a partnership with the Six O’Clock Scramble. Lisa currently serves on the NACS Board of Directors, and the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association. She has also been a member of Team Pennsylvania’s Board of Directors since 2018 and lends her expertise on the Nominating & Development Committee.

We are thrilled to have the industry expertise on energy and food retail from Lisa, and the representation of Square One Markers Inc. on our Board of Directors. We are thrilled to be partnering together to move Pennsylvania forward toward economic vitality.