Economic vitality depends on Pennsylvania’s ability to remain competitive in attracting, retaining, and growing new business domestically and internationally. Team Pennsylvania is able to utilize its unique role as a convener between its public and private partners to unleash a variety of opportunities for business growth throughout the commonwealth.


Pennsylvania Energy Horizons

In October 2021, Team Pennsylvania Foundation and DCED convened approximately 30 energy practitioner stakeholders across the public, private, and non-governmental sectors to build on previous work and begin taking steps towards realizing Pennsylvania’s potential as a continued national leader in the energy space. Growing out of this in early 2022, Team PA partnered with DCED to solicit proposals to continue to push this work forward under the project: Charting Pennsylvania’s Path for Industrial Sector Decarbonization: Opportunities for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) and Hydrogen.

Prior to this, during a 12-month period beginning in 2017 and culminating in 2018, a group of Pennsylvanians representing a wide-ranging set of backgrounds and expertise was convened by Team Pennsylvania Foundation to debate, and ultimately attempt to answer questions of how Pennsylvania’s energy system might evolve in the next 25 years. Their work culminates in a document titled Pennsylvania Energy Horizons, which was developed using a world-renowned energy scenarios methodology.

“We believe that Pennsylvania can and will be a leader in the global energy transition, in ways that strengthen our workforce, grow our economy, and protect our planet,” said Abby Smith, President & CEO of Team Pennsylvania Foundation. “Our energy future cannot be addressed by one single company or by government alone – this will require strategic collaboration across the public and private sectors. We’re proud to be bringing together partners to chart a path forward for the commonwealth.”  .  .  . READ MORE

Interactive Data Tools for Investors & Businesses

Pennsylvania’s innovative online data tool and property inventory on recently upgraded to the latest version of GIS Planning’s ZoomProspector, in partnership with PA’s Department of Community & Economic Development and Team Pennsylvania. The redesigned tool makes finding and evaluating communities and sites for business relocation or expansion even easier than before. With an improved intuitive design community stakeholders, site selectors, realtors, and existing businesses can make informed decisions using the latest market intelligence and data visualization tools.  .  .  . READ MORE

Governor’s Action Team

Team Pennsylvania is one of the Governor’s Action Team’s closest partners as we support their critical mission to advance the Commonwealth’s economy. The Governor’s Action Team (GAT) provides its clients with the information they need to make an informed assessment of Pennsylvania and its communities as a business location.  .  .  . READ MORE

Keystone Edge: Telling Pennsylvania’s Story

Team Pennsylvania knows that Pennsylvania is a great place to live, work, and play, with endless opportunities from every corner of the state. Keystone Edge, Pennsylvania’s premier monthly online magazine, effectively communicates and highlights the assets that our Commonwealth has to offer. Beginning in 2008, Keystone Edge aimed to keep Pennsylvania residents informed of developments in the business community and creative ideas that are the basis of innovation. In keeping with its name, the online magazine offered cutting-edge content that drew a loyal readership in key age bracket demographics. We at Team PA immediately saw the potential in Keystone Edge and have invested in the publication over the last eight years.  .  .  . READ MORE