Team PA’s Industry Partnership program is designed to bridge the gap between employers with workforce needs and residents looking for employment opportunities.

Originated by Team Pennsylvania and administered by the PA Department of Labor & Industry, this initiative convened leaders from industries across the state to discuss workforce issues and map solutions to enhance employee productivity. The initiative addressed employers’ workforce needs and residents’ needs for employment. Team PA provided the initial funding for the development of this program and the initial investment led to more than 70,000 employees being trained through this nationally recognized program.

The program was a success – 6,300 companies representing 20 industries joined together to close skills gaps and address workforce challenges. Participants who received Industry Partnership Worker Training reported a 13% wage increase.

Over the years, the initiative has evolved into a comprehensive workforce development program directed by the PA Department of Labor & Industry. The workforce system bolsters employer competitiveness in a worldwide market while preparing Pennsylvanians for jobs that pay.