The Pennsylvania STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Initiative was an education partnership between Team Pennsylvania and numerous partners. The goal was to dramatically increase the number of students entering STEM-related careers while also retaining, recruiting and re-training the incumbent workforce in these critical fields.

National studies have shown that students that engage in out-of-school (OST) STEM programming are more likely to pursue a STEM-related career. As a result of these studies, Pennsylvania sought to expand the STEM regional network that was built in 2007. The network will be an integral part in developing partnerships between OST providers and educators while also sharing best practices in the field.

Team PA provided initial funding to allow program administrators to build the infrastructure for the STEM initiative across Pennsylvania. The STEM Initiative manifested itself differently in all of the regions of the state. STEM coordinators were hired to establish a variety of programs that addressed the regional needs of students in these vital areas.

Over time, the STEM Initiative developed an unprecedented, statewide public-private partnership between leaders in business, education and government working to prepare more students for STEM careers. We have continued to see STEM education flourish throughout the state of Pennsylvania.