In February 2019, Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order to initiate the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center. The goal of the Command Center is to strengthen the collaboration between the public and private sectors to address worker shortages and the skills gap. Team Pennsylvania’s Private Sector Co-Chair, Tony Bartolomeo, continues to serve as one of six members of the Executive Committee of the Command Center.

In conjunction with the release of the Annual Report of the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center, Team Pennsylvania released the results of a study analyzing Pennsylvania’s economic performance benchmarked with those of peer, neighboring, and high-growth states.

The “Pennsylvania Economic Competitiveness Dashboard,” developed by Econsult Solutions, takes a look at the commonwealth’s performance in five separate categories: Economy, Talent, Place, Governance, and Quality of Life. The information contained in the dashboard is being used by leaders at the Command Center to develop better evidence-based policies to improve the commonwealth’s economic vitality.