Team Pennsylvania works in public-private partnership to accelerate economic growth opportunities for Pennsylvania’s annual $132.5B agriculture sector. Our goal is to drive the commonwealth’s leadership in regional, national, and global marketplaces — ensuring agriculture remains a vibrant part of our state’s economy for generations to come.

We have an active partnership with the PA Department of Agriculture that began in 2016 and is supported by both a Memorandum of Understanding with the agency and the Governor’s Executive Order 2017-06.

Since 2016, we have worked to ensure agriculture’s representation as part of economic development systems and programs at the state-level and elevate it as a priority through a number of initiatives.


Economic Impact Studies

We advance Pennsylvania’s economy by identifying high-growth economic opportunities and informing long-term systems change through third-party, nonpartisan data. No clearer is this demonstrated than through our agriculture’s foundational work – the agricultural economic impact studies.

In 2018, we released the first of its kind, Pennsylvania Agriculture: A Look at the Economic Impact and Future Trends report which provided a working definition of ‘agriculture’ for the commonwealth, quantified economic and workforce impacts, and outlined policy and industry recommendations for a thriving future.

The analysis was updated in 2021 (The Economic Impact of Agriculture in Pennsylvania: 2021 Update) in order to track and understand trends for industry subsectors, as well as examine the impacts of the Pennsylvania Farm Bill programs and the COVID-19 pandemic. The report provided recommendations for industry and government leaders on critical next steps for economic recovery.

We intend to continue conducting agricultural economic impact, or similar, studies in order to benchmark industry progress and identify areas of focus for our public-private partnership.

High-Growth Economic Opportunities

We are dynamic and tactical and can represent the commonwealth’s interests in new and growing areas of economic development interest. Currently, this includes:

  • Dairy: In partnership with the Center for Dairy Excellence (CDE), Team Pennsylvania provides local, regional, and state coordination and direction for dairy development. Specifically, we organize annual Dairy Innovation Forums on new, innovative topics for the processing sector; serve as Co-Chair of Pennsylvania’s advisory committee to the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center, have facilitated the Dairy Future Commission process, and continue to track the progress of the recommendations. We coordinate and provide third-party data, as well as represent Pennsylvania’s development interests in leadership meetings, and state, regional, and international dairy industry events. We collaborate with CDE, PDA, and other dairy organizations in these initiatives to support the economic contributions of the dairy industry to Pennsylvania.
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture: Representing PA during a trade mission to the Netherlands to explore Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) adoption and partnerships in the region.
  • Hemp: Coordinating economic development activity including business & leadership meetings; coordination with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), PDA, and local entities. Organizing the Pennsylvania Hemp Summit, which aims to increase the commonwealth’s shared knowledge and resources in order to inspire innovative investments and form transformative partnerships in the hemp industry; and participating on the state-level Hemp Steering Committee (an advisory body to PDA).

We continually evaluate agriculturally-related economic development opportunities for Pennsylvania based on our economic impact study data, third-party analysis, insights from industry partners, and feedback from our Agriculture Advisory Board.

Agriculture Advisory Board

Our advisory board of industry leaders provides guidance to our programmatic activity and advises the strategic direction of agricultural economic & workforce development for the commonwealth’s agricultural industries.

Interested in learning more about the Agriculture Advisory Board or being involved with our agriculture initiatives more broadly?

Contact Kelly Kundratic, Director of Agriculture Policy and Programs at