Team Pennsylvania is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 1997 to connect private and public sector leaders to achieve and sustain progress for Pennsylvania. Strong relationships between business and industry are necessary to facilitate partnerships for the betterment of our Commonwealth.


Team Pennsylvania is a dynamic, public-private partnership that initiates and supports innovative programs to improve Pennsylvania’s competitiveness and economic prosperity.


Team Pennsylvania is a collaboration of the highest levels of public and private leadership to support Pennsylvania’s goal of being a national leader in education and economic development. Our direct support results in innovation that drives entrepreneurial spirit, improves and strengthens our workforce and contributes to a growing and vibrant economy in Pennsylvania.

We accomplish our work through three key program areas: business growth, education & workforce development and government efficiency.

Core Values

There have been many economic and political changes since our founding in 1997. Despite these changes, our commitment to our four core values has never wavered:

We are collaborative

Our ability to convene a diverse group of leaders and inspire partnership directly and positively affects our state’s economy and citizens. By bringing partners who represent all of Pennsylvania – present and future – and utilizing their unique strengths, we are able to be more successful than any one partner could be independently.

We are entrepreneurial

We were founded and act on the ideals of working together to promote government innovation. We take an entrepreneurial approach by bringing new ideas from diverse perspectives, applying private sector thought to address public sector challenges.

We are open and transparent

As vital stewards of the valuable public and private dollars invested in our work, we are proactive, data-driven and solution-oriented, exhibiting how the private and public sectors can work together to promote economic vitality across the Commonwealth. We maintain the highest levels of transparency in our financial reporting and decision-making processes.

We are non-partisan

We partner with the highest levels of Commonwealth leadership regardless of party affiliation to achieve economic vitality for all Pennsylvanians. We are committed to remaining a credible and independent resource to advance economic and workforce development through long-term thinking and collaborative approaches that are practical and inclusive of diverse voices.
Our core values are embedded in our organizational culture at all levels. We are governed by a public-private board that is co-chaired by the Governor and a private sector CEO. With the support of our investors and other partners, Team Pennsylvania has grown over the past 20 years to become a true leader in economic development.

How We Work

Team Pennsylvania brings together leaders of government and industry to advance a common goal of growth for our state. To accomplish this, we serve a variety of roles to help our commonwealth achieve its best – as a place to live, learn and thrive.