• Ryan C. Unger

    Ryan C. Unger

    Ryan C. Unger is Team Pennsylvania’s President & CEO. He joined the staff in 2011 to guide Team PA’s policy work. Over the years, he has transitioned from his policy role to Vice President & COO and eventually President & CEO. Ryan is a Pennsylvania native, graduating from Elizabethtown College – where he currently serves as President of the Alumni Council – and has committed his career to advancing local and regional economic development efforts. Through his various roles at Team PA, Ryan has been integral in a variety of statewide workforce and economic development initiatives that have been recognized nationally as best practices.

  • Lindsay Helsel

    Lindsay Helsel

    Lindsay Helsel, CGBP, is Team Pennsylvania’s Vice President. Lindsay works on external partnerships to move PA ahead globally, as well as managing Team PA staff and internal processes to ensure organizational efficiencies. She joined the staff at Team PA in 2011 through a partnership with the Office of International Business Development (OIBD). Having formerly served as the Director for International Initiatives, she is our resident expert on business growth and international development. Lindsay graduated from Elizabethtown College with a degree in International Business, as well as taking courses at the University of Barcelona and UIBE in Beijing.

    Contact Lindsay about:

    • External partnerships
    • International events/programs
    • Network connections
    • General inquiries
  • Elizabeth Arias

    Elizabeth Arias

    Elizabeth Arias is Team Pennsylvania’s Partnerships & Development Coordinator. Originally from New Jersey, she joined the staff in 2018 after completing her undergraduate degree at Messiah College and working at her alma matter as an Admissions Counselor since 2016. Elizabeth is the liaison between board members and staff and is responsible for coordinating committee meetings, board meetings, and other events. Elizabeth is also a member of the development team and oversees the donation receivable process. She is passionate about how the private and public sectors work together, and to that end is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Administration at Penn State University.

    Contact Elizabeth about:

    • Becoming an investor
    • Investor Exchange events
    • Board of Directors inquiries
  • Kelly Kundratic

    Kelly Kundratic

    Kelly Kundratic is Team Pennsylvania’s Manager of Agriculture Policy & Programs. She joined the staff at Team PA in 2018 through a partnership with the PA Department of Agriculture. Kelly’s role is to oversee strategic agriculture initiatives. She will manage the operations of the Pennsylvania Agriculture Advisory Board and facilitate new opportunities for economic growth that address needs and challenges of the industry (driven by the strategic recommendations from the Economic Impact Analysis). Prior to joining Team PA, Kelly worked at the Maryland Department of Agriculture and as a high school agriculture science teacher. Kelly graduated from The Friedman School at Tufts University with a Master of Science in Agriculture, Food, and Environment and has a Bachelor’s in Agricultural and Extension Education from West Virginia University.

    Contact Kelly About:

    • Pennsylvania Agriculture Advisory Board inquiries
    • Agriculture initiatives
  • Jim Neuschwander

    Jim Neuschwander

    Jim Neuschwander is Team Pennsylvania’s Director of Information & Technology. Jim has been with the foundation for many years and keeps Team PA connected to the outside world. As our in-house IT guru, Jim manages the operations of various programs and systems utilized by Team PA and our partners. He is also our first go-to for any technology related questions. Jim has years of experience in system implementation and training on various programs Team PA has adopted over the years.

    Contact Jim about:

    • PA SiteSearch
    • GAT Project Alert System
    • Teampa.com website issues
    • Technology inquiries
  • Beth Norris

    Beth Norris

    Beth Norris is Team Pennsylvania’s Accounting Specialist. Beth joined the staff in 2015 and brought with her unique experience in both accounting and nonprofit management. Beth’s background in nonprofit management allows her to better understand the numbers and offer additional support to the management team as it relates to best practices and compliance. Beth moved to the Harrisburg area from the Philadelphia suburbs after attending Temple University in Philadelphia, where she earned her undergraduate degree in business.

    Contact Beth about:

    • Receipts/proof of payment
    • General financial inquiries
  • John W. Packer

    John W. Packer

    John W. Packer, CPA, is Team Pennsylvania’s Chief Financial Officer. John joined the staff in 2011 and has over three decades of professional accounting experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. During his tenure at Team PA, John has overseen the development of customized financial reports and reporting systems that meet the unique needs of management and the board of directors. John is a Penn State University alumnus – he earned both a Bachelor of Science and his Masters in Business Administration from the university.

  • Abby Smith

    Abby Smith

    Abby Smith is Team Pennsylvania’s Director of Education. Abby joined the staff in 2013 and has over 15 years of experience working to improve education systems at multiple levels. Prior to joining Team PA, Abby worked at PDE as an education policy specialist and brings valuable, hands-on teaching experience to her work. She also served as a Teach for America corps member in Baltimore and eventually led recruitment efforts for the organization. Abby attended Yale University for her undergraduate career and has a Masters in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University and a Masters in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

    Contact Abby about:

    • Education initiatives
    • Workforce initiatives
  • Darinka Stanisic

    Darinka Stanisic

    Darinka Stanisic is Team Pennsylvania’s Administrative Assistant. Darinka joined the staff in 2014 and since then has been the welcoming and friendly face greeting all guests to Team PA. Darinka’s primary responsibilities involve working alongside other staff members to coordinate the day-to-day operations of our office. Darinka facilitates all administrative responsibilities including calendar coordination, phone support and the preparation of presentations, coordination of travel arrangements and meeting execution.

    Contact Darinka about:

    • General inquiries
    • Meeting scheduling