In 1996, Governor Tom Ridge and key cabinet members approached the business community to discuss the creation of a public-private partnership that would work towards a more prosperous future for Pennsylvania. The results of these discussions was the establishment of Team Pennsylvania in 1997.

Team Pennsylvania was a revolutionary concept and was organized to operate independent from any one government entity. Created to spur economic growth and entrepreneurship, Team Pennsylvania has played a variety of roles over the past 20 years to spark innovation and advance economic development across the commonwealth. Team Pennsylvania is the only organization in the state who can claim its board is co-chaired by the commonwealth’s CEO – the governor.

A few years after its founding, Team Pennsylvania merged with its Foundation arm to become the Team Pennsylvania Foundation that is operating today. We have matured over the years into a unique organization that is guided by the service, leadership and vision of the public and private sectors. As we look to the future, Team Pennsylvania is proud of its past and focused on the many critical challenges still effecting the economic prosperity of the Keystone State.