In partnership with Team Pennsylvania, Governor Josh Shapiro, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Rick Siger, and Ben Kirshner, Chief Transformation Officer, Office of Transformation and Opportunity, announced plans to create the Commonwealth’s first comprehensive economic development strategy in more than 15 years, recognizing Pennsylvania’s assets, its potential, and the opportunity present for all Pennsylvanians. The strategy will focus on economic competitiveness and include an assessment of the Commonwealth’s areas of strength, a clear-eyed analysis of barriers to growth, and concrete goals and initiatives to guide policymaking and investment decisions for years to come.

“More than ever before, Pennsylvania must focus on economic competitiveness if we’re going to succeed in the rapidly-evolving global landscape,” said Governor Shapiro. “That’s why for the first time in more than a decade and a half, we’re developing a new, forward-looking strategy to set our direction and guide decision-making well into the future. This plan will help us cultivate an economy in which all Pennsylvanians have access to family-sustaining jobs, strong and vibrant communities, and a high quality of life.”

Pennsylvania boasts dynamic global and local businesses, world-class academic institutions, a robust workforce, and thriving communities. It has distinct economic regions from rural to urban, two dominant metropolitan areas, and incredible natural assets. Given this, public and private sector leaders in Pennsylvania are eager to realize the Commonwealth’s full potential. Now is the time to strengthen economic outcomes in the short- and long-term, to build economic momentum, and to establish Pennsylvania as a bold, innovative, global leader in economic development.

With the ability to work together in public-private partnership to accelerate Pennsylvania’s long-term economic future, Team Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned as a critical partner in this process, helping to develop and then implement a long-term roadmap for innovation, economic growth, and opportunity.

To develop the most impactful roadmap, Team PA is seeking input from stakeholders, at the regional, county, and local level involved in strengthening communities throughout Pennsylvania, to provide their perspective and local expertise.

“Team Pennsylvania is thrilled to work with the Commonwealth and Governor Shapiro, using our collaborative approach to unlock this plan’s potential,” said Abby Smith, President & CEO of Team Pennsylvania. “Strengthening Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness requires long-term vision and commitment plus meaningful engagement across sectors and communities, goals which clearly align with Team Pennsylvania’s mission. We look forward to an aspirational and dynamic plan that creates opportunity for all Pennsylvanians.”

Key regional partners, who know their communities best, will serve as Team PA’s lead points of contact for stakeholder engagement. These partners, who live and work in the communities they serve, will help to disseminate information, gather input and organize feedback in the coming weeks. Team PA looks forward to providing support to the regional networks to help frame strategic questions and synthesize feedback to facilitate the development of the long-term economic competitiveness strategy, built by Pennsylvanians for Pennsylvanians.

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  1. Exciting Work! Congratulations and if you wish insight in Lebanon County -happy to support in any way. For clarity -we are a chamber and can support our EDC if desired in connecting with business entities

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