Cross-Sector Collaborative In-Person Meeting

Date: Tuesday, September 13th
Location: Harrisburg, PA


Meeting Materials

Carbon and Hydrogen Road Map
Two Page Summary Factsheet
Road Map Presentation


Action Teams

Policy, Regulations & Permitting Action Team
Co-Chairs: John Hines, Shell; John Walliser, Pennsylvania Environmental Council; Martin Williams, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Goal: Develop the regulatory framework and policy incentives needed to create conditions for CCUS/hydrogen infrastructure investment in Pennsylvania.
Priority Actions in Next 6 Months:

  • Draft legislation to advance the statutory framework needed to attract CCUS and hydrogen investments. Legislation will address:
    • Pore space ownership and legal access
    • Geologic sequestration of CO2 in subsurface
    • Class VI primacy

Communications & Messaging Action Team
Co-Chairs: Chris Masciantonio, US Steel and Jacquie Fidler, Consol
Goal: Develop a narrative, communications and outreach strategy that frames CCUS and hydrogen as an economic and environmental imperative in PA.
Priority Actions in Next 6 Months:

  • Pursue joint resolution to support the development of clean energy hub in Pennsylvania, emphasizing CCUS and hydrogen
  • Create a comprehensive marketing campaign including a website to educate and make the case for CCUS and hydrogen to key audiences (i.e. labor, industry, transportation, environmental organizations, agriculture, academia, energy producers etc.)
  • Plan for gubernatorial transition including in-person candidate briefings.

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