About Us

We are guided by the belief that Pennsylvania can be better.

Our government can be more effective and efficient, our communities can be fertile grounds for business growth, and our children can be provided the best educational opportunities available.

Team Pennsylvania Foundation is a non-partisan, charitable, non-profit created in 1997 to bridge the gap between government and the private sector to allow both sides to partner for the betterment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We embrace core values that reflect the public nature of our work, and our unique public/private partnership structure. These values are embedded in our organizational culture at the board and staff levels and work as guidelines for our Impact Strategy.

Our core values are:

We are collaborative:
Our public/private partnership is founded on the belief that collaboration enhances success. Combining the unique strengths of each of our public and private sector partners with our shared goals, we are able to be more successful than any one partner could be independently. Our organization strives to connect diverse organizations to advance a shared mission of improving economic prosperity for all Pennsylvanians.

We are entrepreneurial:
Innovative solutions to public challenges call for the ability to find and listen to new ideas, learn from mistakes, and be tolerant of risk. We strive to empower government innovation, which furthers our shared mission, and balance the need to be action-oriented and yet responsive to our partners. To maximize our ability to carry out our mission, we must be flexible, nimble, and proactive.

We are open and transparent:
We are stewards not only of the private and public dollars invested in our work – but also of the public’s trust. We maintain the highest levels of transparency in our financial reporting and decision-making processes. To ensure that we are accountable to the public and that we maintain a high level of trust with our partners, we believe in open, inclusive, and transparent communication about the organization’s actions.

We are non-partisan:
As a public/private partnership, Team PA strives to advance its mission through direct partnership and support for the Commonwealth’s leadership, regardless of party affiliation. As a non-partisan organization, the Foundation is committed to remaining a credible and independent resource to advance economic and workforce development through long-term thinking, and collaborative approaches that are data-driven and practical.


Team PA is the only statewide private/public organization where the governor serves as co-chair of the board of directors and has representation from the four legislative caucuses.

Led by a public/private board co-chaired by the Governor and a private-sector CEO, Team PA helps state officials overcome the barriers to effective governance and positive change.

The Foundation is a true facilitator of good government by providing strategic consultation, financial support, and access to an independent, private sector sounding board to vet and validate ideas that build a better Pennsylvania.

By providing high-level networking opportunities between the public and private sectors, Team PA is the conduit by which government and business work together to enhance Pennsylvania’s future in three core disciplines: business growth; education and workforce development; and government efficiency.

With the support and leadership of many partners and financial contributors, Team Pennsylvania Foundation has grown from a groundbreaking concept to become a true leader in economic development, and each year builds on a legacy of great successes that positively impact the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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